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tv   9 News Now at 9am  CBS  October 14, 2009 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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coming up a major h1n1 vaccine clinic begins in montgomery county. where it is, how long it runs and when there will be another one. the debate over health care reform heats up again today. just hours after a major vote in the senate. and a morning beltway mess in both virginia and maryland. we will get a check to see if things are have finally cleared out. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. today is wednesday, october 14th. what kind of day will it be in our neighborhood? here's kim martucci. >> i will tell you this, it will not be as nice as yesterday but a heck of a lot
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better than what is coming our way tomorrow and friday. time lapse tower cam from the netherlands carillon shows a cloudy day. i hate to do this to you but i'm introducing the wind chill number with northeast winds at ten it feels like 42 out there. so a nice wool suit will serve you well. a couple of layers if you are going for that run. frederick is 41. 38 martinsburg and 48 at annapolis. the game plan for today, keeping it cloudy. i think you are good through the lunch hour to do your stuff outside and not get wet. however, there is green on the screen to the west. this will make enrodes later this evening and after that you can see it extends in to thursday and friday when highs will only be in the 40s. angie, this is a nor'easter. i have more on our big storm in the weekend coming up. >> looking forward to the details. thank you very much. the time is one minute after the 9:00 hour. we follow the situation on 395
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southbound. what you are looking at here at the duke street exit is that we have that car fire pushed to the right shoulder. emergency crews are on the road taking away two right lanes for drivers. going northbound you are slow congested from 495 to seminary. this is the inner loop. braddock road past 66. we are pretty much jammed. one steady delay i'm estimating at 15 minutes or so. 270 southbound improving for us, better news here. lanes are opening from montgomery village avenue to montross road. 50 westbound is tracking a crash activity at 202. it is pushed to the left shoulder. drivers are getting by. wrap it up in the district. live from wisconsin avenue and massachusetts avenue. i like what i see. hardly any cars out there. now, i will send it back to andrea. >> thank you. right now we are tracking a developing story. a pedestrian hit by a car in landover, maryland.
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sky 9 was over the scene about 90 minutes ago. this is just north of central avenue. a 58-year-old woman was hit by a car. we're told her injuries are minor and the driver did remain on the scene. now, this accident follows a morning mess on the beltway. it affected drivers on both sides of the river. a police pursuit, which began in maryland, ended on the outer loop at braddock road. police say the suspect hit one state cruiser in the pursuit. the officer was not hurt. the suspect is being checked out for minor injuries. things weren't any better this morning in maryland. a car fire on the inner loop by route 202 in landover. it closed all lanes around 6:15. fortunately no one was hurt. right now, an h1n1 vaccine clinic is getting underway in montgomery county. it is the first one with both the nasal mist and injections. the clinic is at the dennis avenue health center just off of georgia avenue in silver
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spring. alex trevino is there live. good morning, alex. >> a few dozen families are lined up here at the dennis avenue health center. free h1n1 vaccinations are available here. many of these parents have their children with them as the h1n1 virus is considered widespread in the community at this time. montgomery county's health and human services has received 2500 doses of internasal or nasal spray h1n1 vaccine and 1600 h1n1 flu shots. they are focusing on children ages 6 months to 24 years. pregnant women, infants and health care workers. some are already feeling the sense of urgency. >> i'm standing in line so my children can get it. they are being pulled out of school and i discovered they have the injectable so we asthmatics will get it, too. >> we want to get vaccinated early. you hear of people getting someone suave already but think it is a good thing to do.
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>> reporter: the county will provide free vaccines at have clinics like this one here in silver spring every week on wednesdays through october and november. for a list of dates, times and places log on to our website at and go to the maryland page. 9 news now and thank you. well, questions are being raised about hospital preparedness in the wake of a growing number of h1n1 cases. with me now is university of maryland law professor michael greenberger. he is the director of the school center for health and homeland security. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> seeing the lines of people with their children at the clinics in montgomery county for the h1n1 flu shot, how encouraging is that that hospital preparedness will also be ready for anything that happens? >> well, first of all, i'd like to say the fact that the flu shots are available is nothing short of a miracle.
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it is very, very difficult to develop a vaccine and have it be deemed safe and effective on the time frame that was done and we are so used to our government letting us down that when it works well it just sort of goes without saying anything. >> it is amazing. >> it is amazing and i think the medical researcher and the federal and state governments should be congratulated for getting the flu shot that is reported to be very effective and for people who are eligible to get it they definitely should get it. now, with regard to hospitals, i have never seen a hospital system be so organized and concerned about an event as has been true of the h1n1. we sort of had a run through in the spring, one week crisis mode and quite frankly the systems were not working well. we were very lucky that was not the big hit. >> what wasn't working well? >> well, i think since 9/11
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everyone has been doing drills, learning how to control crises management and everything has been table top exercise, a field exercise. people have certificates and know how to work these things. but we found out in the spring all of the play acting did not work. people were confused and it was true across the country and it was a good wakeup call. i know in more the governor has made it a high priority to shake the system and make sure it is available. the hospitals are undertaking a series of immediate measures. one, children are more likely to be exposed to this than anyone else. and in maryland hospital system, hospitals are limiting access to children to he hospital facility. obviously this causes hardship and things. >> we have less than 30 seconds. the concern across the country has been with she shortage of hospital beds should the outbreak occur and the numbers we are talking about. what about the state of
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maryland? >> if we do not have a serious crisis. if it does not mutate in to something that happened in mexico we should be able to skate by. if itsy move tates if lungs are affected, if ventilators are needed we will have a serious shortage of facilities and decisions will have to be made that will be very unpleasant about who gets treated and who doesn't get treated. >> let's hope we don't have that latter scenario. professor greenberger, thank you for being with us. and again on our website at we will have information about the dates and times again of the h1n1 flu shot clinics that will be happening every wednesday through the end of this month and in to november. new this this morning a change in the crackdown on illegal immigration in northern virginia. the prince william county board of supervisors is giving more to the feds. it is prioritizing cases based on their severity. in the last two years, prince
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william county handed over 2,000 suspected illegal immigrants to the federal government. in a few hours it is back to work for senator -- senators trying to hammer out health care reform. the vote came mostly along party lines with main republican senator olympia snow siding with democrats. now lawmakers must work out a plan. senate majority leader harry reed hopes to have that done by the end of the month. the latest on the storms in california and the fight over the so-called science city plan in montgomery county. a closer look at both sides when 9 news now returns. ring ring ring ring
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the they are bracing for stronger rain in california. this was the scene an hour north of los angeles. the big fear of course is mudslides. with all the wildfires there recently the dirt is loose and it won't take much rain to cause a slide. in the web center with kim and we have rain coming our way. >> we do. our first real nor'easter of the season, andrea. this is going to bring a lot of rain here. the timing isn't that great. it will be as we kick off the weekend. one day this weekend isn't as bad. >> but it is not great. >> it is not great and i will sort that out for you in just a moment. great to see you everybody. start with the weather headlines. not so much today's weather garnering attention but tomorrow, friday and in to the weekend.
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a nor'easter. showers will start this afternoon and tonight and then thursday and friday look wet. it will be chilly, in the 40s. the winds will be out of the northeast. and in the mountains we will probably mix some snowflakes down. you folks out there in west virginia and western maryland you know the drill this time of the year. here's our cloud deck so far. it has been dry and it's been awfully gloomy outside. 47 is our number. that's a little better compared to the 39 in pittsburgh and williamsport. it is 53 right now at the post. we are watching the clouds thicken up today. we have highs in the lower to middle 50s. southern suburbs, northeast winds five to ten and tonight, our clouds are going to be locked in place and we will get some rain in here. here's the time lapse. looking from the netherlands carillon to the washington monument our cloudy weather and a northeast wind moons we have a wind chill. doesn't feel like 47. it feels like 42 with a humidity of 56%. our neighbors to the west have
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climbed out of the 30s. they are 43 martinsburg, 40 quantico and the rain in ernest tomorrow and again on friday when highs will be in the 40s an the winds will be breezy out of the northeast. this stationary front is going to move toward the coast. low pressure will develop. and really strengthen and head up to new england over the weekend. then another low pressure system will develop again on sunday to bring us rain. microcast nine puts the details together. you can see by 6:00, some showers moving in the western suburbs. as we head to the overnight, more showers could take us to thursday in to the middle of the commute and throughout the day. we will be getting soaking rains, especially to the north and our west. let's talk about the seven-day forecast. i know a element of you have plans for sporting events, football. you name it. not that great. now, as for which day is better this week there's probably going to be a lull. not dry, but not as bad on
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saturday as compared to sunday. that's my scoop, andrea. back to you. >> thank you, kim. turning to a hot button issue in montgomery county, plans for a new development called gaithersburg west. it is causing an outcry for people in the surrounding areas. with me is phil andrews. good to have you back here. >> good to see you. we call this gaithersburg west but part of the overall master plan which we talked about before and the latest you are telling me is the critics are growing in numbers. >> yes. >> people like the science part but they don't like the scale, the city part which is projected to reduce speeds to nine miles an hour and add close to 20,000 vehicles to the roads. if it was proposed -- if it was approved as proposed by the planning board. so basically what people are saying in the neighborhoods and groups like the action committee for transit and others that are concerned about where development goes is you can't add that much development
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to this area and not have intolerable traffic conditions. >> reporter: the science city that you were talking about. this is something we have mentioned before, county executive ike leggett says this is a call to action. that it can't go unheeded. this will add new life, new blood, new tax revenue to the county but the critics are talking panel how it will destroy an already congested area and in order to pay for this you are talking an some hefty tolls. >> you are looking at, in terms of the cost, the public infrastructure part would be huge in terms of the interchanges that would need to be added. the planning board said yowled need five grade separated interchanges in the area which would cost three quarters of a billion dollars to add than and there isn't money identified for that of course, regardless of how far in the future it is. the basic issue is we have a lot of neighborhoods and a lot of people in the area that will
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need to be there and go through the ere and most of the future residents in montgomery county will live in existing neighborhoods. so we have to make sure that we don't expand at the cost of undermining the wall quality of life of people who are already here and people who live in those neighborhoods which will be the future residentses. so we want to provide for expansion of life sciences at an appropriate level throughout the county and we have world- class life sizes there already. but we don't want to create intolerable traffic. >> too much of a good thing. the council is having another meeting on this. when will that take place. >> the committee is scheduled to meet on october 26th to tackle these traffic issues and the scale and that will be a very important meeting. >> will this rest with the county or will this have to be decided by either the state planning board or the governor? >> well, the county will make the decision of how much
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development can go there. right now there are 22,000 jobs there. it can increase already up to 38,000. so there is a lot of job capacity already. this prepays posal will take it to 6 -- 0,000. that's the concern. as for the interchanges that would require state or federal money. the county doesn't have that kind of money. >> thank you very much. good to have you with us. up next, we are taking you to the kitchen. the folks from wild are back with a preview of a great new brunch and we will check it out when 9 news now returns. g ♪ out for breakfast..."
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"but it looks pretty nasty outside" (announcer) grands at only $0.25 a biscuit you'll find any excuse to eat in
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back with a look at "atlantis." the launch is scheduled for november 12th. if your repertoire of weekend brunch could use a little spicing up we have fresh ideas this morning. here's wildfire's executive chef steven lucas joining us now. everyone is going apple picking. >> yes, they are. >> in our family we go apple picking and have all of these apples and three or four days lair we run out of things to do with them and they sit around.
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>> you are kicking off a new brunch. >> we are excited about this. this is a dish that i have come up with my son and he loves french toast and i like to get rid of the extra happenles. >> doesn't matter what kind of apples you pick. >> preferably something from the orchards around here. >> oh, local is best. i have an eastern brae burn. >> you are quick. >> i get out the potato peeler and it takes me too long. >> it does take a while like that. i will peel the apple and make caramel sauce in the pan. >> oh, yum. >> it is going to be like an oozy apple caramely french toast very autumn. >> top to bottom, how long does it take to make the dish. >> 15 to 20 minutes. >> that's easy on a sunday. we will melt them down basically. >> we will melt them down and
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build a caramel sauce in the pan. >> what else. >> lemon juice to keep the apples from turning brown. butter always makes it better. we have a minute left. >> okay. >> we do this, saute those up. i have some maple caramel sauce. >> is that buyable? >> you can make a little caramel sauce. i will supply the recipe for you and you can add a little maple syrup if you want to. little cinnamon. >> smells so die vine. >> brown sugar. >> let that cook for two or three minutes and make a caramel sauce and we have here -- >> what kind of bread to do you use. >> french bread or sour dough. >> the batter is eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg, heavy cream and a little milk. >> let's get this thing cooking. i want you to give a gratuitous
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plug. wildfire is where. >> in the tysons galleria. >> we love that because we can shop and eat our brunch on sunday. we will get this cooking and pop it in the oven. you are watching 9 news now. good morning.
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here's allocate what's on tap for the rest of the week. tomorrow captain sullenberger will be here. and on friday our mind over money panel will be taking your calls. get advice on how to resolve credit card debt, refinance a mortgage. you name it, this is the place to be. yes, tomorrow. captain sullen berger. >> smell-a-vision rocks. wish we had some. as we played up our wildfire
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dish i will tell you this is the type of food you want to eat this weekend when it is rainy and dreary. it will put a smile on your face. angie, your nine around town. >> betty johnson at the georgetown store. she is surrounded by jenny and carrie and tells 9 news she was in dc working on a charity project for the spring. kim and topper were there and the they were at the dc green festival. brian sent us this. he shot it with his cell. ralph nader showed up to sign books. and we hope you join us for key to the cure. it starts at 6:00 p.m., $75 per person and 100% of the money from the tickets goes to help out women's cancer programs at suburban. >> a wonderful fun even. >> upside down french toast apple, yum, delicious brunch. >> this sunday. >> we will be there.
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and we have a skirt cake. and all delicious. >> and a pumpkin pie. >> i know. >> oh, we like their eggs benedict. >> not bad. >> they are going to start eating so we will see you at noon. j.c. and kim will be back at noon and we will see you 4:55 tomorrow.
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